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VPN Downloads and Installation - Cisco AnyConnect

This page contains links to download and installation instructions for VPN software for several operating systems.

This page leads you to installation directions and downloadable installation packages for University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff using the CITES VPN.




Linux, Unix

Other systems

Travelers: If you have another Cisco VPN software client installed on your computer already, you may be able to connect to the University VPN server using a guest account and that software.

Campus community members can share their knowledge about their devices at Community-developed VPN configurations. (Log in with your NetID and AD password to read and contribute.)


Cisco does not provide AnyConnect client software for every operating system. Their current list of supported operating systems is found in their Release Notes for Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, Release 3.1.

However, you may be able to configure other Cisco VPN software or your system's native VPN software to connect to the CITES VPN server.

To construct your own VPN connection method, you should configure your VPN client as follows:

  • VPN server:
  • Username: Your NetID
    (or, if you're a guest, your guest ID)
  • Password: Your Active Directory password
    (or, if you're a guest, your guest password)
  • Group: SplitTunnel
    (Note: This is the most common choice, but you may want the Tunnel All profile for Library access. See About VPN Profiles for information about the alternatives.)

For better protection of your account and University resources, you cannot save your password in the AnyConnect client. To save passwords, CITES Security recommends securely storing your passwords using a password manager and copy/pasting it into the password field.

If you need additional help, please contact the CITES Help Desk. The Help Desk will make a best effort to assist you. However, CITES cannot guarantee a device's compatibility with the VPN.


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