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UC at Illinois Newsletter, July 2012

This newsletter provides information on developments regarding the UC at Illinois project.

Telephone Number Migration Update

From June 18, 2012 to June 22, 2012, over 10,800 campus telephone numbers were migrated from the legacy phone system (Centrex) to UC Voice (Lync). The telephone numbers migrated during this time were based on data provided by campus units through the completion of the Lync Census Data Surveys (LCDS) 1 and 2 back in Spring 2012.

For any faculty and staff using a campus telephone number that was successfully migrated to UC Voice, CITES is suggesting those users check their old voice mailbox for any calls that might have gotten routed there during the migration process. To do this, dial 217-244-0505, enter the 5-digit mailbox number followed by the star button and enter the  passcode when prompted. For any faculty and staff using a campus telephone number that was not yet migrated, CITES is reminding those users they will need to dial 9 + the seven digit number to reach campus UC Voice (Lync) users.

Later this fall, there will be an additional campus migration planned for the legacy phone system telephone numbers that are already associated with a UC Voice account (Lync) and have been since April, 2012.

Legacy Telephone Device Disposal

CITES is currently working on finalizing a plan for the collection of disconnected Centrex phone devices. University Property Accounting has said that the State of Illinois would like the University to send these legacy landline phone devices to State Surplus for redistribution. In the interim, please retain the physical landline phones; CITES will be announcing a plan for the collection of these devices soon.

Microsoft Lync Documentation Update

Recently CITES revamped the documentation on Microsoft Lync. Prior to these changes, all Lync documentation, both technical and non-technical, could be found exclusively on the CITES Wiki; however, it has been separated for the campus community's convenience.

Lync end-user documentation has been moved off of the CITES Wiki and is now integrated with Microsoft documentation on the CITES webpages. IT Pro documentation and troubleshooting tips remain on the CITES Wiki to allow for continued collaboration, discussion, and updates as more is discovered about UC devices and UC support.

E911 Service Announcement

On June 18, 2012, in conjunction with the beginning of campus telephone number migration, Senior Life Safety Engineer and Service Manager for E911, Andrew Nichols, released the Official Service Announcement for Enhanced 911, or simply E911. To date, the announcement has produced an article in the Champaign News-Gazette, "911 Calls Working Well on New UI System."

The service announcement can be found in its entirety on the UC at Illinois Announcements page.

UC Training

WebStore Training is offering a number of workshops for Microsoft Lync 2010 (Windows) and Microsoft Lync 2011 (Mac) through mid-August, and users can register for these classes online at WebStore. FAST3 is also offering workshops for Outlook 2010 (Windows) and Outlook 2011 (Mac) as well. A registration form is available for online sign-up on the FAST3 web site. Sign up today!

For the Summer 2012 term, FAST3 is focusing their resources on training the campus community on Microsoft Lync; therefore, the selection of Outlook workshops is limited. Also, all UC at Illinois workshops for Outlook and Lync will continue to be offered at no cost to faculty, staff, professional students, graduate students, and retirees of the Urbana campus.

ATAG Meeting Minutes Ready

The Academic Telecommunications Advisory Group (ATAG) meets at least once a month to provide guidance on the implementation of UC at Illinois. Minutes from April, May, and June meetings are now available.

The minutes from these meetings and all ATAG related information can be found on the ATAG page.

Your Feedback on UC is Important

The User Feedback Team is collecting input on the UC at Illinois Program that can be used to improve the voice and email transition processes for everyone. The team offers two options for units and individuals to provide feedback: a brief survey and an in-person interview. The information received is turned into recommendations that are delivered directly to the UC program's leaders. Your feedback helps identify unique needs that must be met and processes that need improvement. To contact UFT, email, Kelly Bridgewater, or Jake MacGregor.

Contact Us

For further information about UC at Illinois please contact the CITES Help Desk, 217-244-7000,


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