Retirement and Discontinuation of Redirects

The CITES website will be retired on February 1, 2016. Please update any bookmarks to point to the new Technology Services website (external link).

Printed Student/Staff Directory Replaced with New Campus Directory

To conserve campus resources and reduce waste the following improvements have been implemented beginning with the printed 2013-14 Campus Directory:

  • The printed publication, Student/Staff Directory, will no longer be produced. It will be replaced by the 2013-14 Campus Directory, which is a publication that will include only essential campus information.
  • Supplemental information for units such as staff listings and phone numbers may be accessed via the online directory. College/unit designates will be responsible for maintaining that information in the Illinois Directory.
  • Emeriti retirees with a 0% appointment will automatically appear in the online directory. Emeriti retirees that do not have a 0% appointment need to contact their college HR person to request that Academic HR add them as emeritus. Academic HR has a special process for including emeriti without a 0% appointment. These emeriti will then be included in the online Illinois Directory.

How to Get a Printed CAMPUS Directory

The 2013-14 Campus Directory will be available in August 2013. A PDF of the layout will be posted to the University of Illinois Office of Public Affairs web for download/desktop printing. You may also order bound copies by print on demand through Document Services. More information will follow. Check for future updates.

How to Get the AT&T Real Yellow Pages

Campus faculty and staff can still receive the AT&T Real Yellow Pages for their campus offices. Requests for AT&T Real Yellow Pages should be directed to AT&T Delivery Support at 1-877-2-GET-DEX.




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