Retirement and Discontinuation of Redirects

The CITES website will be retired on February 1, 2016. Please update any bookmarks to point to the new Technology Services website (external link).

Unified Communications: Voice & More with Microsoft Lync

As part of the Unified Communications system, Microsoft Lync offers telephone-like voice communications, instant messaging, video conferencing, contact management, and more.

Getting Lync

  1. Make sure your account is enabled.
    Log in to My UC to see whether your Lync account has been activated.
  2. Sign the e911 Acknowledgement.
    Log in and sign the e911 Acknowledgement.
  3. Download and install Lync.
    Lync is available for Mac and Windows from the Webstore.

Road map

Over the years, CITES has provided many individual services to campus, many of which will now be provided through one integrated service, Unified Communications (UC). UC at Illinois provides email, calendaring, telephony, voice mail, instant messaging and audio, video & web conferencing services through one offering.

It should be noted that even though CITES will now be providing UC at Illinois, many of the individual CITES services of the past will still continue.

Below is the road map for traveling between the individual CITES services and the new Unified Communications system services.

Features Separate service Unified Communications service


Google Apps @ Illinois (Undergraduate)
Express Email (retired)

Exchange 2010 email


Google Apps @ Illinois (Undergraduate)
Oracle Calendar (retired)

Exchange 2010 calendar

Instant messaging

Illinois Chat
Google Apps @ Illinois (Undergraduate)

Microsoft Lync Instant Messaging with on-campus contacts automatically provided

Online meetings (e-Conferencing, teleconferencing)

e-Conferencing (retired)

Microsoft Lync Online Meetings

Voice & phone

Campus Voice Services

Microsoft Lync Voice & Video

Voice mail

CITES Voice Mail

Microsoft Lync Voice Mail:

Video chat & videoconferencing

Video services

Microsoft Lync Voice & Video


Electronic Directory

Electronic Directory information is automatically integrated with UC email, calendaring, and messaging features


For more information about how to use Unified Communications, see UC Training, the CITES Lync pages, Microsoft's Lync Quick Start guides, and Microsoft's Lync training.

Local, live training about how to use Unified Communications is available from FAST3 (A WebStore Service).


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