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Getting Started with the IllinoisNet Secure Wireless Service

This page provides information about and links to instructions for IllinoisNet, the campus WPA2-secured wireless network.

Directions for IllinoisNet wireless users

Choose your operating system below for instructions on how to set up a connection to the IllinoisNet wireless network.

Fully supported by the CITES Help Desk:

Windows systems


Mac OS X systems


Multi-user devices:

Devices that do not belong to a single specific user (such as departmental tablets, robots, wall-mounted kiosks, and so forth) can use IllinoisNet Wireless:

Community-developed configurations:

For Linux, Unix, and smartphone users, campus community members can share their knowledge about their devices at Community-developed IllinoisNet configurations.

(Log in with your NetID and AD password to read and contribute.)

Note: CITES cannot guarantee the accuracy of community-contributed configurations, and cannot guarantee that a particular device will work on IllinoisNet.

Please call the CITES Help Desk for support if you have problems configuring your WPA2-Enterprise capable device on IllinoisNet.

Choosing between IllinoisNet and UIUCnet Wireless

IllinoisNet is a full-featured wireless network service that provides users with built-in wireless security and automatic, hands-free reconnections.

Unlike the basic UIUCnet Wireless service, you won't need to log in to QuickConnect or the VPN each time you connect; IllinoisNet stores your credentials and signs in for you.

However, the initial configuration process is more complex than UIUCnet Wireless, and older systems may not be able to connect to IllinoisNet.

For more information, see "Should I use IllinoisNet or UIUCnet Wireless?"




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