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Walkup Computing

This page contains information about Walkup Computing, a system which allows laptop users to plug in to Ethernet jacks and connect to the Internet from selected locations.
Please check the status of Walkup computing at the Status of Services page.

Walkup Computing. Bring your own notebook computer to libraries and other areas on campus. Plug in, authenticate, and you're on the Internet!

Walkup Computing allows authenticated access to the network at many locations around the campus. The Walkup service is intended for use as a simple way to securely access the Internet from various locations around campus, for library research or other relatively brief uses. It is not intended as a replacement for a full­-service office or laboratory workstation.

If your computer has an Ethernet adaptor card and works on any network, it will probably work with Walkup Computing. For most people, no special configuration is necessary, thanks to automatic network identification through DHCP.

Just plug in to the network and open a web browser, then visit a website such as You'll see a login screen asking for your NetID and password (or your guest account ID and password, if you're a campus guest). Enter these, click the login button, and you are instantly on the network.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Walkup Computing

Q. Where can I find a list of publicly accessible Walkup Computing locations? 

A. Please see this page for a list of locations. 

Q. Does Linux work with Walkup?

A. Yes. But you should disable all but the single Ethernet interface that you are using. Especially disable the PPP device you may use for dial up access. The multiple IP's that Linux exposes to the network can cause problems otherwise.

Q. I get the login page but can't log in.

A. Use your Illinois Network ID (NetID) and your Active Directory password. This is the same password you use with UIUCnet Wireless, Illinois Compass, and many other CITES services. If you can't remember your Active Directory password, you can use your NetID password to reset it at the CITES Password Manager.

Q. Do I need to change any network settings on my computer to use Walkup? 

A. Maybe. In order to access the network through the Walkup system, your computer needs to be set to use DHCP tp receive the temporary IP address assigned to it -- one which identifies it as part of the Walkup subnetwork.

Many computers are already configured this way; first, try plugging your computer in and using Walkup, and see if it works.

For more information on how to set your computer to use DHCP, see Setting your computer to use DHCP in the configuration page.

Q. Will you install Walkup Computing in my building?

A. Since Walkup affects a building's network, the building or department network administrator must request this of CITES. Please ask your network administrator about this. If you don't know who this is or how to contact them, the department's administrative offices should be able to help you. If you are an IT Pro and would like to request Walkup in your building, please send email to with your request. 

Getting Help with Walkup Computing

For assistance with Walkup Computing, click here to contact the CITES Help Desk.

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