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CITES-Hosted VMware Services

For IT Pros
This page contains information about the CITES-hosted VMware services available to campus IT pros.


VMware is a server virtualization system (developed by the VMware corporation) that allows many different servers to be hosted on a single physical machine. Each system administrator has unique control over their individual VMware server instances, and can install and remove applications and reboot their own server at will, without affecting other users' servers on the same physical system. In addition, if the physical system experiences a hardware problem, the virtual servers can be automatically transferred to a new physical system immediately, while they are still running.

This project will produce a stable and scalable alternative to physical servers. With an alternative to distributed physical hosting, departmental administrators will have the opportunity to focus on higher value work that leverages their domain-specific knowledge.

What are VMware's benefits?

VMware's benefits include high-availability, load-balanced virtualized server systems with less cost and lower power consumption than the traditional "one box per server" method.

When VMware systems are hosted by CITES, campus server administrators can also benefit from standardized application hosting, professional server management, and centralized backup services that provide off-site backup storage.

See The Benefits of VMware for more information.

How much does a VMware server cost per year?

CITES-hosted VMware comes in three types of server bundles:

  • Small VM: 1 CPU - 1 GB RAM - 50 GB Tier-2 Disk ($254.00)
  • Medium VM: 2 CPUs - 4 GB RAM - 50 GB Tier-2 Disk ($546.00)
  • Large VM: 4 CPUs - 10 GB RAM - 100 GB Tier-2 Disk ($1206.00)

These server bundles can be upgraded with additional services, such as increased drive space, CPU capacity, RAM, server backups, and server administration.

For more information, see the CITES-Hosted VMware Server Costs page.

How do I sign up for a VMware server?

There are three primary options available.

  • P2V: You can convert an existing physical server to a new virtual server with CITES' assistance.
  • CITES-hosted, self-managed: You can create a new virtual server on CITES-hosted equipment, and manage all system administration, patching, and security yourself.
  • CITES-hosted, CITES-managed: You can have CITES provide both the virtual machine and all system administration, patching, and security responsibilities.

See How to Convert an Existing Server with P2V and How to Sign Up for a CITES-hosted VMware Server for more information.

How do I use my VMware server?

CITES-hosted VMware servers have access controls based on Active Directory groups. You can log in to your virtual server using either a browser-based plugin or a terminal server instance. For more information, see Configuring and Using a VMware Server.

Frequently asked questions

VMware Frequently Asked Questions covers VM-related terminology, terms of service, and more.



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