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This page contains information about CITES video services.
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These web pages describe traditional, individual CITES services.

Going forward, Unified Communications at Illinois provides faculty, staff, and graduate students with an integrated system that offers phone, instant messaging, web/ teleconferencing services and other features.

For more information, see Voice & More with Microsoft Lync.

Special events video

For  video production services at WILL-TV, including studio live shots, contact:
Production Manager Jeff Cunningham

Although CITES provides no special events video services, the campus data network -- UIUCnet -- can be used to transport digital video across campus or to television networks in Chicago.


Videoconferencing requires significant bandwidth to achieve good quality. CITES has recently upgraded the campus backbone network to 10 Gb/s and is in the process of upgrading all campus buildings to 1 Gb/s connections to that backbone.

Unified Communications teleconferencing and video conferencing

As part of Unified Communications, Lync offers teleconferencing and video conferencing capabilities. To find out if you have an active Lync account, log in to MyUC.

For more information about using Lync, including how to hold meetings and video conferences, see UC Help: Using Lync.

Teleconferencing services for undergraduate students

Google Hangouts allow undergraduate students to create or attend teleconferences using Google Apps @ Illinois, the campus email system for students.

If you are an undergraduate student or a transfer student, you are eligible to create a Google Apps @ Illinois account.

See Getting Started with Google Apps @ Illinois for help getting started.

Campus resources

The Center for Mutimedia Excellence (CME) was formed in 2004 to develop and share best practices for digital media at the University of Illinois. Members include media professionals from a cross-section of campus units. To learn more or to get involved with the group, contact Jack Brighton (, visit the CME website (, or use their list name,, to subscribe to their mailing list.

NCSA’s Event Services group offers videoconferencing and streaming video to campus clients on a cost recovery basis.  NCSA’s 1st floor meeting spaces and available services are detailed here:

Space and service requests are submitted via the NCSA Events calendar using your @illinois email address to log in:

Please contact with any questions or concerns.


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