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UC at Illinois Voice "Bridge" Period

This page provides detailed information about the UC Voice bridge period between the months February and June when individual campus users will be getting provisioned with UC Voice accounts while maintaining their legacy phone system.

Telephone Migration Update

From June 18, 2012 to June 22, 2012, over 10,800 campus telephone numbers were migrated from the legacy phone system (Centrex) to UC Voice (Lync). The telephone numbers migrated during this time were based on data provided by campus units through the completion of the Lync Census Data Surveys (LCDS) 1 and 2 back in Spring 2012. This first telephone migration didn't include all campus telephone numbers currently associated with a Lync account; this page contains information for those users still in the "bridge" period. The reason for a bridge period is so that campus users can get more comfortable with the new Lync software, while still having the ability to use their traditional Centrex desk phone.

CITES has a second telephone migration scheduled for the beginning of next semester. Due to the complexity of the process, CITES will be taking this semester to prepare and implement the migration and will only be processing migrations once a semester from here on out. The next telephone number migration is scheduled for mid-January 2013; in the interim, users waiting to have their number migrated will need to forward the Centrex phone number to the Lync temporary number. For any faculty and staff using a campus telephone number that has not yet migrated, CITES is reminding those users they will need to dial 9 + the seven digit number to reach campus UC Voice (Lync) users.

Legacy Telephone Device Disposal

CITES is finalizing a plan for the collection of disconnected Centrex phone devices, working with the State of Illinois to redistribute operational devices to reduce waste and State expense. In the interim, please retain the physical landline phones; CITES will be announcing a plan for the collection of these devices soon.

Things To Note

  • Avoid calling 911 from Lync until an Enhanced-911 (E-911) solution is integrated with Lync. E-911 is required to identify the physical location of the caller by emergency personnel when a 911 call is placed from Lync. Users should still be able to place 911 calls from their legacy desk phone until their phone number is ported (transferred) to UC Voice Lync in June 2012. See 911 section below for more information on this.
  • During the bridge period, campus phone numbers will still be associated with the legacy campus phone system, so incoming calls to campus numbers will still ring legacy phones. Calls from another Lync user will ring on the Lync software. Lync accounts will be configured with temporary numbers during the bridge period; in order to receive calls to a campus number in Lync, users will have to forward their campus number from your desk phone to their temporary Lync number. Please check these forwarding instructions to find out how. Lync accounts will be configured to send campus phone numbers as caller ID while making outbound calls from Lync so people can recognize the number.

Do not give out temporary Lync numbers, as these numbers are only to be used for call forwarding and will be removed when the bridge period is complete.

  • Users will also get a new Lync voice mail account during this bridge period. Voice mails through Lync will show up as emails to the corresponding Exchange email account with a sound file attached. The system will also try to transcribe those voice mail messages as best as possible. Voice mail on legacy phone system will still be active; users may need to check their voice mail in both locations even if they are call forwarding to Lync, as users can leave voice mail messages directly in voice mailboxes.
  • The Lync system is built around efficiency and cost-savings, so calls from another Lync user will always ring the Lync software, even if call forwarding is NOT in place. This means if a user is not logged into their Lync account and they get a call from another Lync user, it will automatically go to their Lync voice mail, which will show up as an email. All calls will be received in Lync when the bridge period is over, mid 2012.
  • At any time, user across campus may check the status of their UC Lync account at MyUC. If users are not Lync enabled after February 13, 2012, or need help installing troubleshooting Lync software problems, CITES is advising that users please contact their unit IT support and/or telecom coordinator first.

911 with UC at Illinois

One of the benefits of UC Voice is that as a service it is portable. UC Voice users can make Microsoft Lync calls from any location with internet access as long as they also have access to the Lync software client and are logged into their account. This benefit can create some serious limitations when it comes to providing proper location information to 911 call centers. For more information about how 911 will work with UC Voice, both during and after the bridge period, please see the UC at Illinois, E911 page.

Contact Us

For further information about the UC Voice bridge period, or anything UC at Illinois related, please contact the CITES Help Desk, 217-244-7000,



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