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UC at Illinois Newsletter, May 2012

This newsletter provides information on developments regarding the UC at Illinois project.

UC Phone Transition Day

UC Phone Transition Day, on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, is a proactive measure to ensure a smooth transition from the old phone system (Centrex) to the new phone system (UC Voice). CITES is asking campus users to begin using UC Voice as the sole means of phone communications. For most users this will mean using Microsoft Lync on their computers or IP phones instead of using their current desk phones. In addition, resource lines such as conference phones, common area phones, and departmental main numbers should be transitioned to UC Voice. More information on the importance of UC Phone Transition Day can be found on the new UC at Illinois Telephone Number Migration page.

Telephone Number Migration

CITES anticipates starting to migrate phone numbers from the old phone system to UC Voice in mid-June, 2012 over a period of five days. The exact date for beginning this process is being finalized with the phone service providers now.

The phone numbers that will be migrated from the old phone system to UC Voice are based on data provided by campus units during the Lync Census Data Surveys 1 and 2. The phone numbers migrated will include both individual numbers (e.g. your phone number) and resource account numbers (e.g. conference rooms, common areas and main departmental numbers). For more information on this five-day phone number migration schedule, please check out the new UC at Illinois Telephone Number Migration page.

UC and Your Privacy

One of the most common questions asked about UC at Illinois is whether or not your email, phone, and instant messages are private. Protecting your privacy while taking full advantage of UC at Illinois is a matter of configuring your account properly. The key to maintaining your privacy is ensuring that you, and only you, are deciding what information gets saved in your UC at Illinois account. With the help of CITES Security, a new UC Privacy page has been created, to provide detailed information on how to keep your UC at Illinois communications safe, secure, and private.

You will find that this page is broken down by considerations and recommendations on handling your own UC at Illinois account.

UC Training

The new Summer 2012 training schedules are now available from WebStore Training and FAST3. Campus is encouraged to take advantage of the various workshops, including workshops on UC at Illinois.

WebStore Training is offering a number of workshops for Microsoft Lync 2010 (Windows) and Microsoft Lync 2011 (Mac) through mid-August at no cost to faculty, staff, graduate students, and retirees of the Urbana campus. You can register for these classes online at WebStore.

FAST3 is offering workshops for Outlook 2010 (Windows) and Outlook 2011 (Mac) as well. For the Summer 2012 term, FAST3 is focusing their resources on training the campus community on Microsoft Lync; therefore, the selection of Outlook workshops is limited.

Note that UC at Illinois workshops for Outlook and Lync will continue to be offered at no cost to faculty, staff, graduate students, and retirees of the Urbana campus. A registration form is available for online sign-up on the FAST3 web site. Sign up today!

ATAG Meeting Minutes Ready

The Academic Telecommunications Advisory Group (ATAG) meets at least twice a month to provide guidance on the implementation of UC at Illinois. New April meeting minutes are now available.

The minutes from these meetings and all ATAG related information can be found on the ATAG page.

Your Feedback on UC is Important

The User Feedback Team is collecting input on the UC at Illinois Program that can be used to improve the voice and email transition processes for everyone. The team offers two options for units and individuals to provide feedback: a brief survey and an in-person interview. The information received is turned into recommendations that are delivered directly to the UC program's leaders. Your feedback helps identify unique needs that must be met and processes that need improvement. To contact UFT, email, Kelly Bridgewater, or Jake MacGregor.

Contact Us

For further information about UC at Illinois please contact the CITES Help Desk, 217-244-7000,

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