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Service Level Definitions

This page explains what Service Level Definitions (SLDs) are.

What is a Service Level Definition?

A Service Level Definition (SLD) is a basic description of a service and often includes information such as

  • what the service does
  • who can use the service
  • when the service is supported
  • where to find information about the service
  • how to get help or make suggestions about the service

Why does CITES publish SLDs?

The goal of CITES is to not only provide the best networking, computing, and telecommunication services we can, but to also make sure that you have the information you need to use our services effectively. We want you to be able to find resources that can help you with your studies or job, save you money, and make your life easier. We also want you to know where to find help when you need it.

Where can I find CITES SLDs?

If a service has a published SLD, it will be linked from the service's entry on the CITES Services web page. Not all services have an SLD, but you will find them for our most widely-used services. Several SLDs are under development for future publication.

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