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UIUCnet QuickConnect

This page contains information about UIUCnet QuickConnect, which allows users to easily sign in to campus wireless or walkup networking services through a web page.

What is UIUCnet QuickConnect?

UIUCnet QuickConnect is a simple, web-based method of logging in to the UIUCnet network, whether you're using the campus wireless network or walkup computing. Best of all, you don't need to install extra software (such as a VPN client) in order to use UIUCnet QuickConnect.

NOTE: The recommended first choice for wireless access on campus is IllinoisNet Wireless, which does not require Quickconnect. For more information, see Should I Use IllinoisNet or UIUCnet Wireless? and Changing Which Wireless Network You Use.

How do I use QuickConnect?

  1. Open a browser window. Enter an http:// URL such as and the login screen will appear.
    • Note: Do NOT use an https:// URL for the first location you connect to. QuickConnect can place its login screen in front of an http:// URL, but not in front of an https:// URL. After you've logged in, you can visit any https:// URL of your choosing.
  2. Click the Login button in the left side of the window.
  3. Use your Network ID and Active Directory password to authenticate.
    (How to know your Network ID.)

About five seconds after you've authenticated, you'll be logged in to the UIUCnet network. A small pop-up window will appear, with buttons for renewing your session or logging out.

(If your browser is set to block pop-ups, UIUCnet QuickConnect authentication will still work. You'll receive the renewal information in your main window, but you'll need to click a link to continue to your original destination.)

When the renewal window is left open, UIUCnet QuickConnect will automatically renew your connection once an hour while you remain connected to the network. You can also click the "Renew" button to renew your connection manually.

When you're finished, use the logout button in the renewal window or visit to end your networking session.

  • Note: Use one computer at a time. You can't log in from more than one computer simultaneously. If you use your Network ID and Active Directory password to log in from a second computer, then you will be prompted to choose which computer you will be using.

What can QuickConnect do?

UIUCnet QuickConnect is designed for simple access to common services which do not distribute passwords in unencrypted form.

Specifically, you can use QuickConnect when you need to access:

What can't QuickConnect do?

For security purposes, QuickConnect won't allow you to connect to unusual services or services that are known to distribute passwords in an unencrypted form. For access to facilities not available through QuickConnect, you'll need to use either a VPN client or IllinoisNet Secure Wireless.

The easiest way to know whether you need to use a method other than QuickConnect is if you tried to access something on the network through QuickConnect and it didn't work.

  • After you've gone through the QuickConnect login page, make sure you're correctly connected to QuickConnect. (You can check this by visiting a website on a common port, such as
  • Try to perform the network action you're wondering about (such as checking email through a mail client or instant-messaging a friend).

If you successfully connect to the web site but you aren't able to complete the other action, there are two possibilities:

  1. The application you tried to use isn't correctly configured to work with UIUCnet QuickConnect.
    (For example, your mail client's configuration may be trying to use insecure POP or IMAP rather than secure POP or IMAP.)

    In this case, you may be able to reconfigure your application to use secure communication methods instead of insecure ones.
  2. The action you tried to take is prohibited by UIUCnet QuickConnect's security settings.
    (For example, Yahoo Messenger connections will often fail because the Yahoo client sometimes tries to connect using telnet or FTP ports, which are blocked on QuickConnect. However, other instant messaging clients like AOL or MSN should succeed.)

    In this case, you will need to use the VPN or the IllinoisNet secure wireless network to identify yourself as a member of the Urbana-Champaign campus and to provide additional security for actions that are considered too insecure for QuickConnect.

For a comprehensive explanation of when QuickConnect is sufficient by itself and when additional security is required, see UIUCnet QuickConnect and Security.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

For troubleshooting information and frequently asked questions, see:


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