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Getting Started with UI Public Wireless

This page contains information about how to connect to UI Public Wireless and where to get help.

UI Public Wireless is available in selected locations for visitors of the Urbana-Champaign campus. After a few simple steps, you can connect to the Internet and access the Web, email, instant messaging, and other selected services.

Make sure you're in a covered location

UI Public Wireless is available in a few selected locations in the Champaign-Urbana area, including Willard Airport.

How to know whether you're in a covered area:

Sign preview UI Public Wireless signs

Table tents describing how to connect to UI Public Wireless

An entry in the list of UI Public Wireless locations

Choose the "UIpublicWiFi" wireless network

Once you're in a covered location and have started your laptop (and enabled your wireless card, if it's an optional feature on your system), you should view the list of wireless networks available.

Both UIUCnet and UIpublicWiFi will be listed in any UI Public Wireless area; other networks may also be available. Make sure you choose the UIpublicWiFi network.

  • On Windows:
    Either double-click the wireless network icon in the task bar (near the clock) or go to the Network Connections control panel and double-click the wireless network entry. In the list of network connections that appears, select UIpublicWiFi.
  • On Mac:
    Click the signal icon and select UIpublicWiFi from the menu of wireless networks that drops down. (If no list of networks is shown, select Internet Connect and make sure that your AirPort hardware is turned on.)

If you encounter any difficulties, help is available at 217-244-7000.

Open a web browser and go to a web site

After you've made your connection to the UI Public Wireless network, you'll need to fill out a registration form. The University is legally required to collect information from you in order to provide you with network access.

When you open a web browser and enter a web site such as, your web browser will be redirected to the UI Public Wireless authentication site, where you are asked to agree to the Terms of Use.

On the following screen, the University collects contact information such as your name, email address, and phone number in order to be able to comply with any law enforcement requests.

Privacy policy note: The University will not use your contact information for marketing or for any purpose other than complying with law enforcement requests. You can read the full Privacy Policy here.

If you agree to the Terms of Use and provide the necessary information, you will be authenticated and permitted to use the UI Public Wireless network until 2 a.m. the following morning. (If you need more access on the following day, you can simply fill out the registration form again.)

Help is available

UI Public Wireless users can contact wireless-related technical support at 217-244-7000 during the CITES Help Desk's hours of operation.


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