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UI Public Wireless

This page contains information about UI Public Wireless, which allows members of the general public to access the Internet from selected public locations on the University of Illinois campus.


UI Public Wireless is a wireless Internet service designed for use by visitors to the University who have brief, temporary needs for wireless Internet connectivity while in selected public locations on campus.

NOTE: University students, faculty, and staff have access to a different and more fully featured wireless service (IllinoisNet Wireless), and they are expected to use that service. If you have a University NetID or an active guest account, you should use IllinoisNet Wireless, not UI Public Wireless.

Getting started

What you can and can't do through UI Public Wireless

  • Email and UI Public Wireless
    You can send and receive email from any off-campus email server through UI Public Wireless. However, you won't be able to use an email client like Apple Mail or Outlook to send email to the campus email servers.
  • Permitted ports
    These selected ports and services are allowed to UI Public Wireless users.

Policies and use

Information for campus IT pros



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