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Guide to Passwords

This page contains information about passwords used for various CITES services.

Most campus faculty, staff, and students need access to password-protected services on a daily basis. For example, most will have the following passwords:

  • NetID password
  • EnterpriseID password
  • Active Directory password

Many people will need even more than these.

See the links below to learn about setting and resetting passwords, what to do if you forget a password, and how to keep all those passwords straight.

Campus password information

  • CITES Password Manager
    From this page you can set or reset passwords for most CITES services, including your NetID password and your Active Directory password.
  • Managing Your Accounts and Passwords
    This section contains more information about passwords for CITES services, including the different types of passwords, where a password can be used, and where to go for help.
  • Annual NetID Password Expiration
    For security reasons, people are required to change their NetID password once a year. This page explains what to do when your NetID expires.
  • Check Your Account Before Classes Start
    Before each semester starts, CITES recommends that you take a moment and double check that your passwords have not expired.
  • What to Do If You've Forgotten Your NetID Password
    This page explains what you should if you have forgotten or lost your NetID password.
  • Where to Change your Password
    This place explains how to find the locations where you can update a changed AD password, NetID password, or other password in your computers and mobile devices.

Password creation and management guidelines


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