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Guide to Passwords

This page contains information about passwords used for various CITES services.

Most campus faculty, staff, and students need access to password-protected services on a daily basis. For example, most will have the following passwords:

  • NetID password
  • EnterpriseID password
  • Active Directory password

Many people will need even more than these.

See the links below to learn about setting and resetting passwords, what to do if you forget a password, and how to keep all those passwords straight.

CITES Password Manager
From this page you can set or reset passwords for most CITES services, including your NetID password and your Active Directory password.

Managing Your Accounts and Passwords
This section contains more information about passwords for CITES services, including the different types of passwords, where a password can be used, and where to go for help.

Suggestions for Simplifying Your Password Collection
This page explains how to reduce your collection of passwords to just two, and describes how to use password management software to keep track of passwords safely.

Tips for Creating and Protecting Your Passwords
This page contains suggestions for choosing a password that you can remember and that meets all the password requirements, and also includes recommendations for keeping your passwords safe.

Requirements for Acceptable Passwords
This page lists the criteria for acceptable passwords for most services on campus.

What to Do If You've Forgotten Your NetID Password
This page explains what you should if you have forgotten or lost your NetID password.

Reset Your Wireless Password in the Keychain of Your Mac OS X Computer, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
This page explains how to reset your NetID or other password in the keychain of your Mac OS X Computer, Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.


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