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This page contains information about the educational technologies supported by CITES Academic Technology Services.


About Respondus

Respondus is a powerful, Windows-based software tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Illinois Compass. Exams are created offline and the software provides many time-saving tools, such as the ability to import existing exams from word processor files. With Respondus, instructors can create up to nine different question types such as multiple choice, true false, matching, paragraph, short answer, multiple response, fill in the blank, and jumbled sentence including calculated and algorithmic formats. Moreover, multimedia content such as images, audio, and video can be easily embedded into questions without writing or viewing the underlying HTML links. Respondus allows instructors to retrieve custom reports such as student scores, summary statistics, and answer distributions. It also allows users to restore exam/survey projects (including media content) with one click - ideal for providing a colleague with a ready-to-use exam.

In addition to being able to create questions for activities within the Respondus interface, it is also possible to import content from Word documents (though the formatting of the content must adhere to certain guidelines), Rich Text Format (.art) documents, Text (.txt) documents, and IMS QTI (.xml) documents. Even better, many publishers are providing item banks in Respondus format for instructors who have adopted their textbooks.  To see if your publisher has provided an item bank for your text, you can visit the Respondus Test Bank Network.  If your textbook is listed there, you can request access to the item bank from the publisher (directly through the Test Bank Network web site) and will be able to make use of the items in Respondus and/or StudyMate Author.

Why Teachers Would Use Respondus:

  • to manage large banks of test/study questions
  • to manage numerous quizzes
  • to build or revise large banks of test/study questions
  • to customize questions and quizzes inherited from other sources
  • to be able to build online assessments without having to be online
  • to create extensive or numerous printed assessments
  • to be able to randomize assessment questions
  • to use equations in online assessments
  • to view reports of online student assessments
  • if they are already using Illinois Compass for online quizzes

Training and Consulting for Respondus

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has site-licensed this software so it is free for all instructors on this campus. CITES Academic Technology Services provides training and consulting in the use of Respondus. To learn about training opportunities, please see our training page.

How Can I Get Respondus?

Download instructions: You can download Respondus for free from the University of Illinois WebStore. Use your NetID and NetID password to authenticate, and follow the instructions for installing the software.

Reminder: When you are ready to publish your content to Illinois Compass, remember that you need to use your Active Directory (AD) password. To set up your AD password or to refresh your memory on what your AD password is, please visit the CITES Active Directory password page.

Online Help

Online help is available from within the application. Context-sensitive help is available by pressing the F1 key. Or go to Help > Help Topics to access the main help system.

User Guides

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base for StudyMate & Respondus is available at If a problem cannot be resolved using the product documentation (i.e., online help, user guide) and if the knowledgebase doesn't provide a solution, a support ticket can be submitted from this same area.


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