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Multimedia & Streaming Service

This page contains information about the educational technologies supported by CITES Academic Technology Services.

Multimedia & streaming service

CITES Academic Technology Services provides free streaming server space for digital audio and multimedia files used for instructional purposes. The CITES Academic Technology Services streaming and multimedia server can stream most digital media formats including Real, Quicktime, and Windows Media. We recommend that instructors who routinely use digital multimedia files in their Compass Course sites, on class web sites, or in other online forums, host their material on the multimedia server.

The CITES Academic Technology Services streaming server uses Real Networks Helix server to power its streaming and multimedia service.

Requesting server space

Please use our online request form to request your server space. In general, spaces are ready within 3 business days of our receiving the request. We send a confirmation email once the site is established.

Logging in and accessing your streaming server space

You will access your media files on the streaming server with WebDav. WebDav allows you to manipulate files on the streaming server as if they were on your local machine. Your site confirmation email will contain the WebDav address and instructions for logging in to your site.
You need your AD password to access your files (this is the same password you use to access Illinois Compass). If you have not set up your AD password, please go to: and follow the directions to enable the password.

Download and streaming folders

You will have two default folders in your account, download and streaming.
The download folder is for media files you wish to stream over HTTP. You do not need to do anything special to a media file for people to access it from this folder. However, these files are easily downloadable or copied to the end-user's computer and cannot be optimized for different Internet connection speeds.
The streaming folder is for streaming media. These files will need to be specially configured for streaming in order for them to be accessible. Streamed files are difficult to download or copy and can be optimized to work over a number of different connection speeds.

Reminder of regular system maintenance (down time)

We do periodic system maintenance on Wednesday mornings between 5:00 A.M. ~ 9:00 A.M. The server may be unavailable for all or part of this time period.

Getting help

Please contact CITES Academic Technology Services ( for help with managing your streaming server space or working with multimedia files.


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