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New Students' Guide to Computing

Your guide to computing and computing resources as a new undergraduate or graduate student on campus.

NOTE: If you are a returning graduate student or a new University employee, you may find the New Graduate & Professional Students' Guide to Computing and the New Faculty & Staff Guide to Computing helpful as well.

Getting Set Up

  • Bringing a Computer
    Use your personal computer or mobile device on campus.
  • Computing on Campus
    Whether or not you bring your own computer or mobile device to campus, you will have access to a variety of on-campus computing resources.
  • Accounts & Access
    Before you can access your email or register for classes online, you must first claim your NetID & EnterpriseID and set your passwords.
  • Getting Software
    Outfit your computer with the latest software at the lowest prices from University of Illinois WebStore.
  • Choosing Your Email
    The University of Illinois has partnered with Google to deliver enhanced email and collaboration services to undergraduate students.
  • Setting up your U of I Box account
    Claim your 50 gigabytes of secure collaboration and file storage in the cloud.

Help & Training

Networking On and Off Campus

  • Getting Connected
    When on campus, you'll have multiple ways to connect to the campus network.
  • Networking Scenarios for End Users
    Information about accessing the Internet from a variety of locations and situations.
  • Network Access for International Visitors
    Information about University computing resources, foreign device power requirements, American keyboards, the campus network, and mobile device access for visitors to the University of Illinois from outside of the United States.

Security Topics

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