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The Print 2012-2013 Student/Staff Directory


The 2012-2013 Student/Staff Directory is ready to be distributed. Since Fall 2010, in order to help reduce both waste and costs to the Urbana campus, significantly fewer copies of theStudent/Staff Directory are printed and distributed.

The online version (PDF, 1.8 MB) of the front matter of the print Student/Staff Directory can be downloaded to personal computers. The individual faculty/staff or student listings are not included in the PDF, but those listings are included in the Illinois Directory.

Faculty/staff can use the tools associated with the Illinois Directory to update their profiles. For more information, please see the Illinois Directory home page, which includes a link to a PDF,"HowTo" Use the Profile Editor.

If you have not received a copy of the Student/Staff Directory and you are unsure with whom to check in your college, please consult this list of unit contacts. If you need further assistance, please contact the CITES Help Desk at (217) 244-7000 or.

Individuals who do not automatically receive a copy of the print directory from their department/unit may be able to purchase one from the Illini Union Bookstore.

NOTE: The AT&T Real Yellow Pages are delivered with the print Student/Staff Directory. If individuals who do not receive the Yellow Pages would like a copy, they should contact the Business Manager or Telecommunications Unit Coordinator in their college. They may also call AT&T Delivery Support  at 1-877-2-GET-DEX.

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