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Infrastructure Change Scheduled for Google Apps @ Illinois

Beginning April 6, undergraduates will need to rename personal Google accounts based on email addresses.

On April 6, the Google Apps account infrastructure will be changing as a first step toward expanding the set of Google services available to Google Apps @ Illinois users.

As the new infrastructure for Google Apps rolls out, it will no longer be possible to have two accounts based on the same email address. Users who have personal Google Accounts based on email addresses are considered to have conflicting accounts. They will be required to rename their personal Google Accounts and link them to different email addresses where they can already receive email. If they don't have a different email address where they can receive mail, they will have the option to resolve the conflict by renaming their accounts to an address instead.

Please note: This change only affects undergraduate student Google Apps @ Illinois users. Faculty, staff, and graduate and professional students with personal Google accounts based on email addresses will NOT be impacted by this change.

All Google Apps @ Illinois users will be prompted to renew the Google Consumer Terms of Service, the first time they log into their Google Apps @ Illinois accounts after the transition.

After the transition users will no longer be able to sign in to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser while signed into Google Apps @ Illinois. Google offers the following workarounds:

Using multiple accounts simultaneously:

Other options for using multiple accounts:

Questions related to the Google Apps account infrastructure change can be directed to CITES Help Desk at 244-7000 or

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