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Illinois offers eduroam wireless access to students, staff, faculty

eduroam is a secured wireless network service that allows members of any eduroam participating institution to obtain Internet connectivity at other eduroam participating institutions, using their home institution's login credentials. For more information and configuration instructions, see eduroam at the University of Illinois (

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is the first university in the CIC and the 11th in the United States to enable eduroam, a world-wide roaming access wireless network for the international research and education community. CITES began offering eduroam to students, faculty, and staff on January 26, 2011.

eduroam (education roaming) is a secured wireless network service that allows members of the Urbana campus to obtain Internet connectivity at any participating institution, using their campus NetID and Active Directory password. It also provides guests from other eduroam participating institutions the ability to join the wireless network on the Urbana campus, using their home institution's login credentials.

University of Illinois students, faculty, and staff traveling in the U.S. or abroad for conferences and collaborative work can have their laptops and other wireless devices configured locally before they leave, so wireless access at any participating institution around the world is automatic and does not require extra configuration.

eduroam is offered throughout 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, Canada, and is growing in popularity in the U.S. On the Urbana campus, eduroam is available wherever the IllinoisNet Wireless network is provided.

"Thanks to this new technology, our faculty traveling abroad will have instant access to any network in the world that broadcasts eduroam. And international scholars visiting our campus will feel much more at home, as many of them are already used to this kind of seamless access." Sally Jackson, Campus Information Officer.

"I recently returned from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, where they've had eduroam for quite a while. Now that Illinois participates in eduroam, I look forward to returning to the Netherlands in April and accessing their network without the hassle of getting a guest account or finding a physical cable to connect with." Michael Grossman, Professor Emeritus, Department of Animal Sciences.

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