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If you use Insight Broadband as your Internet service provider you may have experienced intermittent problems trying to send email from your CITES Express Email account through an email client such as Eudora.

Since Sunday, April 30 an upgrade to an Insight email server has caused problems with sending outgoing mail. Insight has assured CITES that they are currently working on a solution to the problem.

If you cannot send an email via your email client CITES recommends the following workarounds:

  • Use the CITES Express Email web interface. The Insight email server problem has not affected the performance of the web interface. Sending email through the web interface should work without problems.
  • Use a VPN connection. If you still want to use the email client on your computer, you can connect directly to CITES servers using a VPN connection. More information about establishing a VPN connection can be found at

CITES will continue to monitor this problem and will provide further updates as appropriate.

Updates: (Monday, May 8, 2006) Insight continues to work on the problem but has not yet offered a timetable for a solution.

(Wednesday, May 10, 2006) Insight's problems not only are affecting outgoing email, but upgrades that included switching 24,000 IP addresses has caused broader network issues, including complete losses of connectivity. Insight continues to work on the problems. The latest information can be found at Insight's Service Upgrades Help Page.

(Friday, May 12, 2006) Insight reports that overall connectivity issues should be resolved, but some Insight customers still might experience problems sending email from home.

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