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Important upgrade work on equipment supporting CITES services has been scheduled for morning hours this upcoming weekend:

  • Saturday, July 15th, 5:30am - 10:00am
  • Sunday, July 16th, 5:30am - noon

During these periods, network equipment forming the bulk of our Primary DataCenter network infrastructure is scheduled for replacement as part of a planned and long awaited upgrade.  Users of CITES services may experience interruptions or degraded performance during these maintenance times; however, after the changeover is complete, service access and reliability will be improved for the campus as a whole.

This scheduled upgrade is posted on the CITES Status server under Scheduled Events. Any additional updates during (or as a result of) the scheduled work will be posted to Status and will be available at the above URL or by calling 244-0002.

Upgraded services

Services being upgraded include but are not limited to:  

  • Express Email
  • NetFiles
  • Illinois Compass
  • DNS
  • Oracle Calendar
  • Other services may also be affected.  (For additional information on CITES services, see our home page at: )

Additional details

CITES has been anticipating having the upgraded network infrastructure in place for a number of months.  Design work, internal collaborations, and receipt of equipment took place several months ago.  When fully deployed, the new equipment and configurations are anticipated to provide increased network performance and enhanced reliability / redundancy, which are key ingredients in support of campus and internal services.

Why the deployment now?  The network upgrades are only part of the planned improvements made to better support campus services.  CITES is nearing the completion of a renovation project to convert old basement space into data center quality space.  Unfortunately, the majority of the network equipment supporting our Primary DataCenter resided in the middle of the renovation space.

You may recall that during the March/April time frame there were some network interruptions that impacted the CITES Primary DataCenter.  At that time, some emergency but temporary measures were taken to replace some of the old (failing) equipment. However, we deferred installation of the new equipment due to the on-going construction work.  With the time constraint between completion of the new DataCenter space availability and the start of school preparations, utilizing available time this weekend to complete our upgrade is nearly essential.

The bulk of the construction work has been completed at this point, and the new network equipment has been installed and powered up.  The remaining work involves swapping network connections from the old equipment to the new equipment.  

Many users may only experience brief network interruptions to CITES services during the upgrade.  Others could experience longer periods, depending upon service redundancy levels and the sequence and complexity of the work being done.

We eagerly anticipate the completion of the upgrade to our equipment and services, and hope that you will find the upgrade worth the temporary inconvenience during these two summer weekend mornings. If you have questions or comments, please contact the CITES Help Desk.


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