Retirement and Discontinuation of Redirects

The CITES website will be retired on February 1, 2016. Please update any bookmarks to point to the new Technology Services website (external link).

CITES Help Desk Monthly Report

The CITES Help Desk records information about the number of customers we help, how many phone calls we receive, the types of problems our customers have, and when our customers call us.
Total help requests - august

Total recorded number of walk-in, phone, and email requests for help (referred to as cases or tickets) that were handled by the CITES Help Desk over the past thirteen months.

Types of problems - august

A breakdown of the most common problems for which customers request help from consultants.

Case trends - august

This trend graph shows the number of cases for each problem type opened over the last thirteen months. The frequency of the problem type is proportional to the width of the color band.

Contact methods - august

This graph shows the number of cases generated for each contact method over the last thirteen months.

Calls answered - august

Answered calls are calls which are answered by a consultant. If a customer hangs up before speaking to a consultant, that call is logged as abandoned.When a customer calls after the CITES Help Desk is closed, the call is logged as answered by the Night Service voice message. The voice message directs the caller to leave a message or visit the CITES Help Desk homepage for common answers to common questions.

Service Level Definitions

The CITES Help Desk has a series of goals called Service Level Definitions (SLDs) that allow us to gauge our performance in several key areas of customer service, such as availability, promptness, and consistency. These SLDs provide a foundation for guaranteed quality service by helping us to continuously appraise the needs of our customers and improve our efforts to meet them.

metric: abandonment rate

metric: average problem age

metric: first contact resolution

metric: average time to respond to email

metric: average call length

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