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Information for Long-Term Guests

This page contains information for long-term guests and visitors to campus (i.e. people who are visiting for a month or more)

What is a long-term guest NetID?

A long-term guest NetID provides guests who will be on campus at least one month (at the request of an academic department or unit) access to library resources & CITES Exchange Email, in addition to secure network access.

Sponsoring departments or units can click here to learn more about requesting a long-term guest NetID and password.

Long-term guest NetIDs and passwords are available from CITES. Guest NetIDs provide:

Services available to long-term guests:

Once your long-term guest NetID is created, you can access ICS labs and other services within 24 hours.

Note: You must set passwords and/or sign up for these services using the links below.

CITES Instructional Computing Services (ICS) labs
The CITES Instructional Computing Services (ICS) labs are available in several locations around campus.

Set a password at the CITES Password Manager, and you will be able to access the ICS computers.

Optional services available to long-term guests:

Faculty, staff, and graduate students: Microsoft Exchange
If your sponsoring department has arranged for you to have a Microsoft Exchange account for email and calendaring services, you will need to set an Active Directory Password in order to access your mailbox. You can set your Active Directory password at the CITES Password Manager.

Undergraduate students: Google Apps @ Illinois
Undergraduate students are usually not eligible for Microsoft Exchange accounts unless they are also student employees. Most undergraduate students are eligible for Google Apps @ Illinois accounts.


For additional assistance with guest NetIDs, contact the CITES Help Desk at (217) 244-7000 or



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