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Mobile Devices with Exchange 2010

This page contains information about how to connect to the CITES Exchange 2010 email and calendar service using mobile devices.

The current version of Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android has been blocked from accessing the Exchange system. This block was put in place to prevent the storing of University credentials on third party systems, which is a violation of campus security policy. For more information, see Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android Apps on the CITES Security website.

Not officially supported

While ActiveSync, IMAP, and the Blackberry Enterprise Server are available to Exchange 2010 users, the variety of smartphones and mobile devices in use means that the CITES Support Team (and likely other departments' support teams) cannot promise your individual device will be Exchange-compatible.

We hope you find these instructions helpful, but we might or might not be able to provide more extensive one-to-one help.

ActiveSync-compatible devices (iPhone, Android, Palm, Windows & more)

ActiveSync-compatible devices include Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Mobile, and some Palm, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, and Symbian phones. For more information about whether your model is ActiveSync-compatible, see Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync Mobile Phones and Compatible Features page.

Use these settings when configuring your device:

  • Email address:
  • User Name: yournetid
  • Domain: UOFI
  • Password: your AD password
  • Server:


NOTE: Exchange configurations can vary by device and / or user preference. To see or share alternative settings recommendations, please visit the Mobile Devices section of the Moving to Exchange wiki space. (Some examples of iPhone and Android configurations have been documented with screen shots.)

Blackberry devices

In order to connect a Blackberry to the campus Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), the Exchange team will need to make an account for you on the BES system. To request a BES account, send mail to

IMAP (email only)

If your mobile phone is neither ActiveSync-compatible nor a Blackberry, you may be able to receive your email through IMAP if your phone has an IMAP-compatible email client. (However, IMAP doesn't provide calendar information; you'll need to use the web interface to check your calendar.)

Use these settings to connect with IMAP:

  • Username: yournetid
  • Password: Active Directory password
  • Email address:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Incoming mail server security: Either port 993 and SSL or port 143 and TLS
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server: requires authentication
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP) port: 587
  • Outgoing mail server security: TLS

For more about IMAP and Exchange, see IMAP Email Access to Exchange 2010.

More help

For more help using mobile devices with the CITES Exchange service, contact the CITES Help Desk.

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