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Faculty Summer Institute

The Faculty Summer Institute is an annual interinstitutional event dedicated to learning technologies.

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FSI Learning TeamHistory

Early in 1996, the Presidents and Chancellors of Illinois public universities requested support from the Illinois Board of Higher Education for an Interinstitutional Faculty Summer Institute on Learning Technologies. The idea was to accomplish together what would be less efficient and effective for each campus to do alone. The institute proved quite popular with attendees and in Fall 1997 the conference became an annual event with its home location the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.


Faculty members from four-year, community college, and private schools across Illinois come together on the Urbana campus in early May to learn about and explore best practices for integrating technology into courses and academic programs. Each campus sends a team of faculty members and instructional support personnel to the Institute, who then participate in keynotes, presentations, hands-on workshops, and learning teams.

Partnerships & Sponsors

CITES Educational Technologies staff have administered and supported FSI since 1997, partnering with Illinois' Conferences and Institutes, Illinois Online Network, and the FSI Steering Committee, formed of educational technology professionals drawn from each of the state's four-year universities. We would like to recognize the support provided FSI by the Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science(I-CHASS) and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).


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Previous FSI Conferences


Our previous FSI conference websites give a good idea of the evolution of the conference and the changing topics of interest as computers, software, and the Internet have impacted Illinois instructors over the last decade.

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