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Guide to Google Apps @ Illinois Email Accounts

This page contains links to pages with more information about Google Apps @ Illinois, the campus email system for students.

Making an account and choosing how to use it

Getting Started with Google Apps @ Illinois
Find out what you need to do to create an account, log in, and start using Google Apps @ Illinois for the first time.

Moving to Google Apps @ Illinois
Learn how to move your University email from another email service to Google Apps @ Illinois.

Choosing How to Use Google Apps @ Illinois
Google Apps @ Illinois offers several ways to get your email and applications, including a web interface and configuration for various desktop email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

More help and tutorials

Google's Online Tutorials
Learn how to use Google App features through the Google Online Training tutorial pages.

Setting up Google Sync (mobile devices)
Visit the Google Sync page for links to Google Sync service overview and configuration instructions for various mobile devices.

Frequently asked questions about Google Apps @ Illinois

What is Google Apps @ Illinois?

The Urbana campus has partnered with Google to provide its students with online collaboration services. The services, known as Google Apps @ Illinois, include Email, Calendaring, Docs, Sites, and Instant Messaging/Chat.

Why is Illinois using Google Apps?

Google Apps @ Illinois allows Illinois students to have:

  • increased email storage - over 7 GB and still increasing,
  • Google Sync, which coordinates your email, calendar, and contacts on your mobile device,
  • Web-based applications available from any computer or Internet-enabled mobile device, and
  • greater collaboration tools such as calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and presentation applications

Who is eligible for a Google Apps @ Illinois account?

Illinois undergraduate students are currently eligible for Google Apps @ Illinois accounts.

Illinois faculty, staff, and graduate students are not yet eligible for Google Apps @ Illinois accounts and should continue to use their existing email service (e.g. Microsoft Exchange).

Do I have to create a Google Apps @ Illinois account?

You are not required to create a Google Apps @ Illinois account. You are required to have a valid email account where you will have campus email sent; this account could be a part of your Google Apps account, but it does not have to be. You can also use an email account you already have.

To select where you would like your official campus email sent, visit the Campus Email Setup page.

Is my Google Apps @ Illinois password the same thing as my Active Directory password?

There are two different passwords used for access to Google Apps @ Illinois. 

When you log in to Google Apps @ Illinois through, you are using your Active Directory (AD) password; but when you set your email forwarding preferences on the Partner Computing website, you will be asked to set up an IMAP password.

Your IMAP password is used by Google Apps @ Illinois to access your email and other data from Google, enabling you to access your email through your phone or another email client (e.g. Outlook).

However, changing your IMAP password through Partner Computing will NOT change your AD password. You will continue to use your AD password to access your email if you continue to use the Google Apps @ Illinois web interface,


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