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Email on Campus

This page contains information about the various email accounts available on campus.

Campus faculty, staff, and students usually have several options available to them when it comes to email accounts on campus. This web page is is intended to give an overview of these accounts.

Email accounts

CITES provides two campus email services.

Undergraduate students use Google Apps @ Illinois for email and shared documents.

Graduate students, faculty, and staff use Microsoft Exchange for email and calendaring services.

In addition, some departments provide email accounts to their faculty, staff, and graduate students. If your department or college offers a separate email account, you might want to consider it. Department email accounts often have on-site support or features specific to your job.

Your email address

Regardless of whether you have a Google Apps account, a Microsoft Exchange account, or a departmental email account, your email address will be in the same This is because is an alias assigned to you when you arrive on campus.

Your actual email account address is listed in your Electronic Directory entry. Those who have a Google Apps account will see an address that looks like, while those with a CITES Microsoft Exchange account have an address in the form of Departmental email account addresses often have the name of the department following the "@" sign (e.g.,

While you will receive email sent directly to your actual email address, it is strongly recommended that you use the alias In addition, email sent to can be filtered by CITES Spam Control to remove viruses and cut down on the amount of spam that makes it to your inbox.

For more information about your email address and why you should use it as your email address, see Your Email Address and the Email Redirection Service.

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