This section contains information about the CITES DNS (Domain Name System) service and its interface. Most of this information is for IT professionals; end users should only need the campus DNS server's IP address.


Posted Tue 06/16/15

The development IPAM grid, formerly located at, will be down for the next several days to facilitate a hardware transition.  When it returns, it will have a new hostname:

DNS Server IP addresses

The DNS resolver address for campus is:

Note: please do NOT configure your computer to use (, (, or ( These are authoritative-only servers which will not be able to answer queries for external domain names such as, so a computer using these DNS servers will not be able to navigate the Internet correctly.

DNS for users

DNS Basics explains what a DNS server is used for and which IP addresses are used for the campus DNS servers. Most users won't need to change their own computer's DNS settings, however.

DNS for IT professionals

IT professionals will use the campus DNS servers much more extensively than users, in order to create subnetworks, control access to these subnetworks, reassign addresses within their network space, and create groups for use with the campus firewall system.

The Campus IPAM Web Appliance (documentation / login )

This section explains how to access the campus IPAM web appliance and how to perform common DNS-related configuration tasks with it, including Host registration, MX records and CNAME assignment.

Domain Requests

This page explains how to apply if you have a University-related need for either a .edu subdomain ( or or a domain (.org, .com, etc.) and how to transfer your domain name to the University.

Bulk changes to DNS entries

If you have 10 or more changes to make to a domain you can import them using .csv files in the format described on this page.

DNS Tools

This section lists the rest of the DNS-related tools available to campus IT professionals.

On-campus IP ranges

This page documents the various IP ranges available to computers that belong to on-campus networks.

Campus DNS Standards

This page provides implementation details related to the campus domain registration policy.


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