Retirement and Discontinuation of Redirects

The CITES website will be retired on February 1, 2016. Please update any bookmarks to point to the new Technology Services website (external link).

Online Coursework and Classroom Technologies

This page links to help for Illinois Compass, classrooms with computer and AV equipment, and campus computer labs.

Investigate Educational Technologies

Skill Building and Instructional Design

  • Skill Building
    Customized workshops and training for departments and units.
  • Consultations
    Instructional design, project-based help, and coordination of services for academic endeavors.

CITES Innovative Teaching with Technology Partnership

Tablet Initiative
Learn more about this collaborative initiative between CITES and campus instructors and staff interested in exploring the use of iPad and Android-based tablets for teaching and learning, student engagement, and outreach.


Classrooms with Audiovisual and Computer Equipment

These classrooms, also known as "smart classrooms" or classrooms with Integrated Teaching Systems (ITS), are equipped with AV and computer equipment.

Computer Labs

Campus labs that are usually open to all students, faculty, and staff can be reserved for instructional use. Most large residence halls also offer computer labs for their residents.

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