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Managing Your Computer

Here you can find help for problems with your computer, and how to use your computer more effectively.

Protecting Your Computer

New to Campus Security Tips
Some basic security tips to get you started using the campus network safely.

Working Outside of the Office
Learn how to keep your computer and your data safe while you are working off-campus on University business.

Secure Your Home Wireless Network
Lock down your wireless network so you and your family can enjoy it but intruders cannot get in.

Learn how to protect your computer from viruses, trojans and other malware.

Clean Up Old Software and Files
Cleaning up junk software and files from your computer can decrease security risks and increase your machine's performance.

General Security Training Reference Links
Links to more information and resources to help you keep your computer secure.

Laptop Security

Protecting Your Data

Avoiding Identity Theft
These general tactics can help you avoid falling victim to most identity theft scams and attacks.

Protecting Sensitive Data
Links to educational opportunities, tools and web resources to help employees responsibly work with sensitive data on campus

How Far Should My Data Be Encrypted?
Information about different types of data encryption and how it should be used to protect your sensative data.

Erasing Your Hard Drive: Disk Scrubbing
How to remove all data from a hard drive before discarding or surplusing

More ways to protect your data


CITES offers several computer security training options for University of Illinois community.

Security Training for University Employees

Sensitive Data Orientations for the University Community

UNIX Help & Support

The CITES Workstation Services Group (WSG) provides contract system administration, hourly UNIX technical support, and software distribution for owners of UNIX systems on the UIUC campus.

Computer acting strangely?
You may have a virus.

What to Do When You Think You Have a Virus

Other Urgent Computer Problems

Reporting Security Incidents
Stolen password, hacked computer, compromised email account, etc.

What to Do If You've Been Disconnected from the Network

Warning Signs That Your Computer May Have Been Compromised

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