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This page contains information about the Campus Security Camera service. This service is a joint offering from CITES and the Division of Public Safety with a goal of creating a safer campus through the centralized management and video storage of IP-based security cameras.

What is the Security Camera Service?

The security camera service is a CITES-managed service that leverages the university’s existing network and storage resources with centrally managed IP-based security cameras. The security camera service was developed by CITES and the Department of Public Safety following a mandate from the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC).

The uniform and centrally managed nature of the service provide a reliable investigative tool for the Department of Public Safety. However, departments still retain control of their security cameras including live feeds of the cameras and viewable archives of the past thirty days. The university has standardized on Milestone Corporate Edition software for management and recording servers. The Milestone Smart Client software is provided to departments at no charge for secure viewing of video.

Where should my department put security cameras and why?

Each department has unique needs based on many factors, so these questions are answered best after meeting with the security camera service team. There is no charge for this visit. During this initial visit, the CITES service manager will discuss the security camera service as a whole including applicable campus policies and additional pricing models. A police detective with special training in security cameras will assess your department’s security needs and make recommendations. A few days after the initial meeting CITES will provide an estimate including one-time costs and recurring costs.

How much does it cost?

CITES provides a turn-key solution with low recurring cost. Campus units typically prefer to fund installation as part of the initial deployment. However, a monthly subscription model to defer costs is also an option. Hardware, software, and device license purchases are facilitated by CITES, and re-billed to the department.

Recurring costs include a monthly charge for video storage. These charges are: $5/month for general use interior cameras; $10/month for wide-angle interior cameras; $10/month for external cameras. After the first three years, camera device licenses require annual renewal of $40.

Please contact us for additional information. A detailed proposal based on your department’s security needs can be provided.

How does the campus security camera policy protect privacy?

The security camera service ensures that all new security camera installations meet the requirements of the campus security camera policy including robust personal privacy protection developed by the Office of Privacy and Information Assurance. There are many privacy protections in place including the following:

  • Video footage may never be used for HR or personnel reasons. The video footage may only be used in the investigation of a possible crime.
  • Microphone functionality on the cameras is disabled and no audio is ever recorded.
  • Video footage is archived for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 120 days. After the archival period expires the video files are automatically deleted unless the video has become part of a police investigation.
  • Video viewing is restricted to a limited number of people. Each time a camera feed or recording is accessed a log entry is created with the viewer’s NetID, time/date, and the camera that was viewed. This log in monitored by the university’s Office of Privacy and Information Assurance.

How can my department get more information?

The fastest way to learn more about this service or to schedule a meeting is to contact the security camera service team. The team can be reached by email at



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