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Viruses and Spyware: How to Protect Yourself

This page contains links to information about using and installing antivirus and anti-spyware software.


Tips and advice to help you protect your computer from viruses, trojans and other malware

Antivirus software

CITES has provided antivirus software to University of Illinois faculty, staff, and students for over 15 years. Antivirus software can be downloaded by anyone with a NetID. Once installed, your antivirus software will automatically update itself to protect you against the latest viruses. Windows and Mac antivirus software is provided at no cost to University of Illinois faculty, staff and students.

For Windows:

For Mac:

Already have a virus? You can pick up an emergency antivirus CD to help remove the virus, and the CD includes the software you need to prevent future infections.


For more information about what spyware is and how to deal with it, go to the Anti-Spyware page.

Already infected? Get the Antivirus CD

If your computer is already infected, particularly if it's been disconnected from the network by CITES Security, you should stop by the CITES Help Desk to pick up a copy of the latest Antivirus CD. If you know how to burn your own CD from a disc image, the most recent version is available for download.

More information about the Antivirus CD is also available.


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