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CITES Spam Control

This page contains information about CITES Spam Control, the service that removes spam before it gets to your inbox.

For some, spam is an occasional nuisance. Others face a daily deluge of unwanted email. CITES Spam Control is a service that reduces the amount of spam you receive and eliminates known viruses before they reach your mailbox.

Overview of CITES Spam Control
Find out how Spam Control works. Also, view statistics on how many spam and virus messages have been identified and handled by Spam Control.

CITES Spam Control Tutorials
Learn the basics of Spam Control.

CITES Spam Control Scenarios
Read about real-life examples on how use Spam Control effectively.

Tips on Avoiding Spam
Find out how to protect your email address from spammers.

CITES Spam Control FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions about CITES Spam Control.

Advanced: Using CITES Spam Control with Procmail
Network administrators can use Spam Control to filter their users' email.

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